Services provided

        Coding (PHP, HTML, and SQL)
        Editing and debugging

    In collaboration with design studio MetaMediaDesign, Winters Web Works creates personal homepages, commercial businesses sites, and pages for non-profit organizations. We host sites on our own dedicated server. As I have employment status in both Canada and the United States, work can be contracted from either country.

    Service Fees
    Canadian fees at annual average exchange
    Commercial and personal sites $30/hour
    Non-profit organizations $20/hour

    Have you noticed that web designers don't publish their prices online? That's because they charge too much! Webpage creation often costs $100 per hour (call webpage designers listed in your local yellow pages for a comparison) but as a home business with our own server we're able to offer much lower rates. Prices may be negotiable depending on the size and nature of the project. All initial consultation is free.

    Other services we provide include consultation/instruction, in which we help you get started making your own website and finding your own server at a good price; design, in which we will create a website for you and you do the rest; coding and implementation, in which we can take a site design you've already created and turn it into a web page; editing and debugging, in which we help improve the grammar and clarity of a site's writing or optimize its design for speed and clarity; and maintenance, in which we update and run an already-built site.

    For information on our web hosting, click here. To see our previous projects click: WintersWebWorks samples or MetaMediaDesign.