Winters Web Works sites

  1. Paintings by Kit Siegel

  2. 2015
  3. Geoff Canal, personal trainer in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  4. Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions: Certified reflexology, reiki, energy healing, and foot massage in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Read more: What is Reflexology, What is Reiki, and see a Spiritual Niagara "Spotlight" feature article on Laura Canal

  5. 2014
  6. The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage
  7. Christopher Buck, Baha'i scholar
  8. Health Systems Strengthening: Improving Governance and Ensuring Equity course registration

  9. 2012
  10. Champions Elite Sport Training: Martial Arts, Boot Camp, Gymn, Kids classes in St. Catharines, Ontario
  11. Jack McLean, Baha'i scholar

  12. 2010
  13. Rob Stockman's personal site (revised/updated)
  14. Playa Tonsupa Beach, Apartment Rentals Apartamentos, Esmeraldas Atacames, Ecuador (original site
  15. Baha'i Library Online (revised/updated)
  16. Lori Sherritt (revised/updated)

  17. 2009
  18. Scot Ritchie, award-winning illustrator and cartoonist, Vancouver
  19. Vila Isabel, Charitable Society in Brazil
  20. Vancouver Shiatsu, Fernando Cabrera certified Shiatsu teacher
  21. Liam Winters

  22. 2008
  23. Jacob Emmanuel Thijssen, certified Hot and Cold Stone Therapy
  24. Uno Healing, Teruyo Uno certified Shiatsu therapist
  25. Randal Helten, Helten Communications, Inc.
  26. Lisa Good, Vancouver BC Graphical Design
  27. Kurseong Social and Agricultural Centre (KSAC) charitable society in India
  28. Matthew Brunwasser, journalist
  29. Kari-Lynn Winters (language and literacy education researcher, children's book author)

  30. 2007
  31. Winters Body Works
  32. Jacqueline (Jacquie) Pearce
  33. Dr. Anna Soter
  34. Witnesses to Babi and Baha'i History - Ahang Rabbani
  35. Saint Alphonsus Social and Agricultural Centre - center for non-profit work in India
  36. Digital Transformations: photos turned to DVD or VHS video
  37. Haft Vadi, belly-dancing studio in Kitchener, Ontario
  38. Max Blumenthal, author and political commentator for The Nation etc.
  39. Lori Sherritt, Vancouver literacy teacher and dramatist, of Tickle Trunk Players
  40. ACI Publishing, seller of The Scientist Within You youth education books
  41. Sharp CGA: Stacey Sharp Accounting in the West End

  42. 2006
  43. The Comedy Zoo, live stand-up comedy in Vancouver
  44. Falcon Fabrication, Vancouver, British Columbia
  45. Susan Izsak, Vancouver B.C. Painter
  46. Three Rivers Chorale, choir in Grants Pass Oregon
  47. Technologies of Peace, alternative healing equipment in Vancouver B.C.
  48. Physics 9/11 main site: original research from Scientific Panel Investigating 9/11
  49. Bruce Garrett, political cartoonist
  50. Engineered Custom Systems: Los Angeles Audio/Video design & install
  51. British Columbia Literacy Council of the International Reading Association

  52. 2005
  53. Furutan Academy for the study of Baha'i History and Sacred Texts
  54. This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow
  55. Tickle Trunk Players - theatre and education troupe in Vancouver, B.C.
  56. Rehab G.V., Florida Physiotherapists
  57. Better Family Life
  58. Hybrid College - Custom Audio and Video Systems Integration, Vancouver, BC
  59. Physics 9/11 sister site: data archive for S.P.I.N.E.
  60. Bahá'ís of White Rock, B.C.
  61. Looking For A Car in BC: Pre-approved Car and Truck financing in British Columbia

  62. 2004
  63. Rock Art Design: handmade jewelry, beading supplies, gemstones, and loose beads in Vancouver
  64. Integrative Medicine of Nevada, Dr. Christi Bonds
  65. Envision Projects, home of Convergence Baha'i journal
  66. Newton Literacies
  67. One Tongue: World Auxiliary Language
  68. England Abroad: Jacyntha England's Kazakhstan travelogue
  69. Kari-Lynn Winters first website (née Kari Moore)
  70. Kaschani Orient Teppich Galerie, teppich in Nürnberg (Persian carpet store in Germany)
  71. Menagerie Management: pet-sitting, pet care, dog-walking in Portland Oregon
  73. Accurate Sound and Video
  74. TheraPro, LLC (archived copy of site; business defunct)

  75. 2003
  76. Seena Fazel
  77. Theresa Rogers (faculty, University of British Columbia)
  78. ENCORE! Ashland Oregon's Music Sensation (archived copy of site)
  79. Silver Creek Landscape
  80. Bahá'í Library Online
  81. Cultural Fellowship of Sarasota Florida [archived]
  82. Zack's Photo Album (a version of my dynamic photo album program)
  83. Oxford Bahá'í Community
  84. SAK Beauty 'n Health (archived copy of site)
  85. Oxford University Bahá'í Society
  86. Bahá'í Studies Primer

  87. 2000-2002
  88., community portal for Vancouver's West End
  89. Bahá'í Language Educators Special Interest Group (ABS)
  90. ‘Irfán Colloquia (see also alternate design)
  91. Ken Moore and Melanie Haskell's wedding
  92. Jasmin and Steve's Wedding (see also alternate designs one and two)

  93. 1998-1999
  94. Parvardigar Press
  95. White Cloud Press
  96. In-Truck Computing
  97. Apt Billing, LLC (archived copy of site; business defunct)
  98. ATP Rehab (archived copy of site; business defunct)
  99. Siskiyou Gardens
  100. Dave Lippman: Inciteful Songs and Satire
  101. Association for Bahá'í Studies—North America
  102. History of the Bahá'í Faith in East Asia
  103. The Wilmette Institute (see original design)
  104. Healing Through Unity (Baha'i newsletter)

  105. 1997
  106. Bahá'í Academics Resource Library
  107. Winters Web Works
  108. Maryse Schembri, Artist's Way Classes in Vancouver, B.C.
  109. Silver Creek Landscape old site (my first site)

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  1. Music video (45 seconds, with stock footage. Music source: Coil, "Either His or Yours," 1988)
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  2. Music poem (2 minutes, video for Shel Silverstein's poem "The Search")
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  3. Video editing: various projects for doctoral education research for on behalf of