Web Hosting

We run our own dedicated server — it is not "resold" hosting (though we do offer reselling features — contact us). We do not have to pay middle-man fees for the server and can undercut commercial hosting companies. Shop around and compare!

We offer two levels of hosting. Most customers will be happy with "budget" accounts. Users with heavy traffic, numerous databases, or high space needs will require a "commercial" account:



space 300MB 3GB
email accounts 10 unlimited
email forwarders unlimited unlimited
multiple domains!
(host multiple sites with 1 account)
3 6


5 unlimited
MySQL databases 5 unlimited
custom FTP accounts 5 unlimited
bandwidth 10GB 100GB
included with all accounts
web mail yes yes
file manager yes yes
automated backups yes yes
FrontPage extensions yes yes
stats and logs yes yes
chat room yes yes
bulletin board (phpBB) yes yes
CGI scripts pre-installed yes yes
security: SSL and PGP
(certificate signed for winterswebworks.com)
yes yes
shopping cart yes yes
quadruple redundant backups
(local: daily weekly monthly; remote: weekly)
yes yes

Hosting Fees
on dedicated server — these are not "resold" accounts
Canadian fees calculated at annual average exchange: currently 1.21

Web hosting, budget-class accounts
300MB space, Control Panel
US$7.50/month or
Web hosting, commercial
3GB space, Control Panel, unlimited features
US$20/month or
(one-time set-up fee) US$25.00
Domain name .com, .org, or .net US$15.00/year, or:
$13.00/year if registered for 2 years, or:
$11.00/year if registered for 3 or more years
Domain name .ca CAD$30.00/year, or:
$27.00/year if registered for 2 years, or:
$24.00/year if registered for 3 or more years
Guarantee:   All hosting services come with a guaranteed price freeze and a 99.8% uptime guarantee (no charge for any month in which my server doesn't meet 99.8%)
Refunds:   All hosting services will be refunded on a pro-rated basis, no questions asked.
Late payments:   Payment is requested within 30 days of invoicing. Interest will be applied at 15% APR starting 60 days after date of invoice.